Skip the Cab to Logan

Heading out of the city and need to hail a cab to Logan International to catch your flight?  You are about to hit the air and the last thing you need is a $20+ taxi fair.  So skip it.  Hop on the Silver Line SL1 bus at South Station, toss your suitcases on the luggage racks and get to Logan in minutes for less than $3.00.  The route stops at every terminal making the start of your trip hassle free.  If you are flying into the airport and looking to get into the city, hop on the same SL1 bus and a get free ride to South Station.  

The Silver Line runs daily from 5:30AM to 12:30AM.

South Station

700 Atlantic Ave

Boston, MA 02111

Hancock Place Window Cleaning


Did you know it takes two full months to clean the 790 foot tall John Hancock Tower?  The timetable is based on two skilled and fearless craftsmen working a standard eight hour day, washing all four sides of the sixty story skyscraper top to bottom.  With the structure comprised of nearly nothing but it's 10,344, 4' by 11' panes of blue mirrored glass it's not surprising how time consuming the process it is.  Next time you break out the Windex at home, just imagine scrubbing almost half of a million square feet of glass!  


John Hancock Tower

200 Clarendon Street

Boston, MA 02116

TD Garden


TD Garden

Legends Way

Boston, MA 02114

Fenway Park Tour


Looking to get an up close and private view of America's Most Beloved Ballpark?  May we recommend heading to Yawkey Way for the Fenway Park Tour.  Travel around the entire park with stops in the antique wooden grandstands, press box, right field roof deck and even atop the coveted Green Monster.  Sights and sounds aside, your tour guide will share over 100 years of history and knowledge with you, as you learn where there is morse code on the field, why the monster was built and why there is one lone red seat in centerfield.  Tours can be purchased from the Gate D Ticket Booth and depart from inside the Pro Shop across the street on Yawkey Way. 


Fenway Park

19 Yawkey Way

Boston, MA 02215

Change Up Your Commute


Commute getting stale?  Tired of going through the same motions day after day?  Just by switching up your daily trek to the office you can change your entire start to the day.  Walk on the other side of the street, take the T an extra stop or get off early and hike out the difference, switch up the blocks upon your route or even go the long way through the park.  You will see a whole new side of the city and change up your daily pace.  With spring here go a step further and listen to the bird chirping, the street vendors peddling and the overall daily shuffle by taking your headphones out.  It can actually be a lot more relaxing than you think. 

Giant Tea Kettle at Government Center

Giant Tea Kettle Boston

If you see something steaming at Government Center, fear not, as it is Boston's historic Giant Tea Kettle.  Crafted by Hicks & Badger in 1873 for the Oriental Tea Company, the kettle originally resided in Scollay Square and shuffled around downtown before coming to its current perch on the Sears Crescent building just above Starbucks.  In 1875 a contest was held to guess the capacity of the pot.  13,000 entires later, Boston's Sealer of Weights & Measures officially measured 227 gallons, 2 quarts, 1 pint, and 3 gills, which is inscribed on it today.  A mechanism inside of the kettle produces steam to release out of the spout for a sightworthy effect.


Giant Tea Kettle

63 Court Street

Boston, MA 02108

Back Bay is Entirely Man Made

View of Boston from the State House in 1858

View of Boston from the State House in 1858

To hear about beautiful brownstones, designer shopping, incredible dining and a roadway grid system that actually makes sense in Boston, one must be describing  the Back Bay neighborhood.  But did you know that it used to literally be a bay off of the Charles River?  In 1857 trainloads of dirt were hauled in from Needham, twenty-four hours a day for twenty-five years straight until 1882.  That dirt complied over time and literally became the 570 acres of solid ground that buildings and skyscrapers stand on today.  Construction then continued until 1890 when the Fens and Kenmore Square were completed.  

US Olympic Road to Sochi


The US Olympic Road to Sochi stops in Boston this weekend setting up base camp in the Common.  Fans can participate curling, ride down a street luge ramp, navigate a cross-country roller ski course, let a slap shot fly at a hockey net and grab a snapshot on a ski jump or in a bobsled.  

Team USA Road to Sochi Tour • January 10-12, 2014 • Boston Common • Free 

Just minutes away at the TD Garden Team USA will send fifteen skaters to Sochi at the US Figure Skating Championships.  In addition to the Olympic hopefuls, novice and junior level skaters will take to the ice to compete for their respected national titles.  To wrap up the festivities Sunday evening the champions from each division take to the ice one last time for The Smuckers Skating Spectacular.

US FIgure Skating Championships • January 5-12, 2014 • TD Garden • $10 & Up



As winter is now in full swing stay up to date with current events and emergent situations by signing up for ALERTBoston.  Instantly be notified via text, phone or email regarding severe weather, parking restrictions, road closures, missing persons and evacuations throughout the city.  This free service connects you with the first hand information you need to know as a resident, commuter or visitor to Boston.

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